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Year o' Art 2017
Wheeeee, this year has been pretty productive art-wise.  I managed to finish at least one drawing per month.  It's mostly (Warframe) fan arts, but it's better than no art at all.  I don't think I really improved but I suspect it's because I didn't draw enough.  Hopefully I'll keep drawing next year and maybe I'll do more original stuff.

Template from DustBunnyThumper (here) because I'm too lazy to make my own.
Rendezvous in Cetus
A Warframe fanart for Hubs to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  <3  Since we don't roleplay, I have no idea what's the relationship status of our operators, but I wanted to draw something cute.  Husband thought the picture was cute so mission accomplished.  XD

I experimented with a couple of things with this pic.  Normally I like to stick to the in game design as much as I can, but I wanted to do something a bit different this time with the Operator's clothes and accessories.  The earrings are inspired by the Kavat fairy armor (Saraba Armor) though tbh I don't think Boy Operator would be happy wearing something so frilly.  I've been relying on watercolor brushes in CSP, but this time it's done mostly with oil brushes though in the end the result looks the same?  This is also my first serious attempt at drawing a background from the Warframe universe AND it's a freakin' night scene so double the trouble.  

Background is based on my favorite spot in Cetus.  I thought it was rather pretty/romantic though I could never convince other people to come check it out with me *glares at SO*  Unlike the figures, the background was done completely digitally.  I made an effort with the composition though I'm not sure how successful I was.  Originally I planned to do a day scene, but I wanted to move away from my usual bright color palette so this became night scene (plus something about the night is more romantic, mysterious, etc).   It was fun working mostly in the dark blue region of the color wheel.  There are lots of details but I'm afraid they're kind of lost in the dark.  Now I think I'm a bit less afraid of coloring night scenes so maybe I'll do something like this again soon (TM).

I'll post my process as well as the background without filters in tumblr later.
Birthday present for Calamity_Death over at tumblr.  It's supposed to be their Warframe Operator Glow and Orokin Grub though I don't think I quite captured either of their look.  Sorry!  The operator should be wearing some sort of cute looking head band, but when I drew it, my coloring of the band wasn't meshing well with the rest of the pic so I left it out.

This supposed quick painting still took me about half a day to do.  This is the first time I tried under painting in monochrome (purple!) before throwing colors on top of it.  I'm not quite sure how I feel with the end result but it's ok for a quick piece.  I do like overall the colors coming together rather nicely because of the purple base tying the whole thing together though her face is looking a bit too cold/blue for my taste.  

I'll probably use similar technique for the Zelda pic I'm working on:…

Kinda fun drawing a smoochy face.  X3
Happy in Hebra
Is he blushing because of the cold or something (or someone) else?

I think this is like the cutest Link I've ever drawn.  When I was working on this piece, I kept thinking "Who's a good boy" because he's pretty much puppy personalified. X3  The sketch only took about 5-10 min, but the digital painting took a lot more time.  I wasn't even planning to color it in the first place because I have another piece that needs to be done first.  I wanted to do a happy sketch even though I wasn't in a happy mood, and it was my attempt to cheer myself up.

This piece was surprisingly pleasant to draw.  I didn't have the usual struggle at every step.  The only thing that gave me more trouble than I liked was the pauldron because of its shape and the perspective of the shoulder.  I thought the feathers would be troublesome, but it actually came together pretty quickly and easily. 

I'll post my progress over at my tumblr later.
After a Weary Day
First post after a week of no internet!  Sheikah Armor is one of my favorite armor from Breath of the Wild.  So useful, so lovely!

I tried a couple of different things with this piece.  Main thing is having a back light as the main light source.  I'm not quite sure what to do with the background, so I just left it blank.  I was going to draw a door frame, but the perspective is actually slightly skewed so not sure how to approach that.

I think I turned the body suit into body paint.  XD


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Still barely lurking here.  I'm slowly getting back to drawing more regularly after too long of a hiatus.  I'm mostly doing Warframe fanarts now, but I hope I'll get back to original stuff and other fandom stuff again. 

I'm most active over at tumblr so feel free to drop by and say hello there. :)  
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Thsnk you for stopping by. I love your work! Funnily enough, I deleted a lot of my old work over here at dA, because I have this.. quirk of hating on my old(er) work after some time passes. Even the one with my Valkyr & Operator, I already see stuff I don't like about it. Mainly the Operator face, because I forgot few pieces and.. yeah, I'd do a better job at the details now, I think!
PS: Mind if I draw your Operator portrait at some time, for more practice? :D
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